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Very Basic Help - Java UDF

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Hello, I am new to AutoIT and am not a scripting buff by any means.

Let me start off by saying that I have read the JAVA UDF scripting example thread and am still a little confused.

I have recently been assigned the task of creating a script that starts a Java program, hits a program button, closes and waits 30 seconds to do it again. So far all I have left to do is set the value of that button. I followed the direction Sean gave and installed Java runtime, C++, Etc. Java ferret works and draws information from my window.However, I can't get scripts to work, I keep getting an error that says subscript used with non array variable. So there are a few things I am unclear about What am I supposed to do with the Java Auto it DLL file.

When writing in AutoIt, I just need to include the java.au3 string correct?

And lastly, can someone give me a simplified explanation of a _JavaobjValueset command? How can I get autoit control id info for it? Where do I set the value that I want the button.

I do realize that I have made myself look like an idiot, and that I do not have the required background knowledge that I should. lol, but at least I tried to use the help file and read the forums first :mellow:

So dear brain trust, can you please help me with this?

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