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GUI...how to?

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Hey guys (and gals)...I have a VB script that runs a timer for my telescope that I would like to make a GUI for that has a space to input the timer amount and a start button to run the script...I have ZERO programming knowledge and am not asking anyone to do it for me...but if someone could point me in the right direction I am up for the challenge of learning to code and get this up and running...

Here is the code that I am using...


Dim endtime

' connect to EQASCOM

' set scope = CreateObject("EQMOD_Sim.Telescope")

set scope = CreateObject("EQMOD.Telescope")

scope.Connected = true

' Move mount west at sidereal x 2

' moveaxis(a,"b") where a=0 for RA axis, a=1, for DEC axis, b is rate in degrees/sec <------NO QUOTES AROUND THE "b"...it keeps making a smiley

scope.moveaxis 0,0.00832

'wait 60 secs

endtime = timer + 60

do while timer < endtime


' Stop tracking and drift back

scope.moveaxis 0,0

scope.tracking = false

'wait 60 secs

endtime = timer + 60

do while timer < endtime


' Start tracking again

scope.tracking = true


What I would like it to be is just a simple popup box with a prompt to enter timer amount and then a "start" button underneath it...maybe even a countup and countdown section so at a glance you can see where you are in the process...If this is going to be extremely complex and just so far over my head please someone say something upfront..I won't get my feelings hurt I promise...

EQMOD is a program that runs my telescope and what this will do is interact with the program and speed the mount up (2x sidereal rate for the specified time) then turn the tracking off for the exact same time as specified for speeding it up...we use this to drift align the scope using a CCD or DSLR for astrophotography...

Thanks in advance...


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