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Sleep causes failure with SMS

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I have a script GUI that has a reboot button and some text to notify users that updates have been run. We want the script to wait 10 minutes before popping the GUI. Does anyone know why we would get a "Bad environment" message when running the GUI with the sleep command in place when pushed with SMS? If we just click the .exe and run it locally there is no problem. If we push with SMS without the timer, it works fine as well.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

#include <Constants.au3>
#include <GUIConstants.au3>

AutoItSetOption ( "TrayIconHide", 1 )

$Main = GUICreate("Attention NETWORK users:", 480, 300,-1,-1,$WS_DLGFRAME)

GUICtrlCreateLabel ( "Attention NETWORK users:", 85, 15, 300, 33)
GUICtrlSetBKColor(-1,0xcc343e)  ;For color definitions check:   http://www.houseof3d.com/pete/applets/tools/colors/   
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 20, 400, 4, "Arial Bold")

GUICtrlCreateLabel("In a continuing effort to maintain stable and secure desktop systems, the IT department at NETWORK has installed" _ 
                    & "several patches.  Please restart your " & @CRLF & "computer at your earliest convenience." & @CRLF & @CRLF _
                    & "Thank You," & @CRLF _
                    & "NETWORK Network Administration", 20, 70, 470, 140)
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 10, 400, "", "Arial")

$btn_Rbt = GUICtrlCreateButton("Reboot now", 55, 200, 75, 25)
GUICtrlSetTip(-1, "Did you save your open files?")
GUICtrlCreateLabel ("Make sure to save any open files before rebooting.", 35, 230, 130, 100)

$btn_RbtLTR = GUICtrlCreateButton("Reboot later", 310, 200, 75, 25)
GUICtrlSetTip(-1, "Click here to reboot later.")


While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Case $msg = $btn_RbtLTR
    Case $msg = $btn_Rbt
        $Rbt_NOW = Msgbox(19, "Rebooting", "  About to reboot computer, did you save your work?" & @CRLF _ 
                           & "  Click OK to reboot now.")
        If $Rbt_NOW = 2 Then 
        ElseIf $Rbt_NOW = 6 Then 
            Shutdown (2)

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Add a MsgBox(0, "Debug". @UserName) inyour script for debugging and I think you'll see different results for the test run vs. when distrbuted by SMS; I'm guessing SMS runs as System vs. the interactive user. Running as system might be part of the issue.

I don't know anything about SMS, but is it possible that the SMS "session" on the worstation machine is not waiting for the AutoIt script process to end before it disconnects, leaving the script process orphaned with no resources, desktop, etc?

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