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Macromedia Flash Install 7.0.19 Kills Autoit3

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I am attempting to automate the install of Macromedia Flash 7.0.19. I am experiencing an annoying problem. It seems that the Flash install program kills the AutoIt3 process. On the second Flash install dialog there is an Install button. When it is activated autoit3.exe dies/exits/quits.

Do you have any experience w/ this? Is there a work around?


Joe Kotran

P.S. To reproduce run autoit3 (3.1.1 or 3.0.101) with a simple "Hello World" message box. Then run the Flash install manually. When you press the (Flash) Install button you should see autoit3 die.

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I solved my problem with a search of the Unattended email forum at SourceForge.net. It seems that you can pass a "/s" to the Macromedia installer to automate the install.

- Regards,

Joe Kotran

P.S. I really wish all of these web forums would post their content on Usenet. It would be a real shame if this valuable information was lost to the world one day.

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