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for function help

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hi there

i never try to use funcion for and i'm little noob in arrays and try to make something to help me a lil' bit

well...i have an source in html with lots same form and this is "<form action='/page.html' method='post' class='message'>" and i want to copy all containment of it in my pc...there are some text what i need it in that forms

my plan it's to get source with _IEDocReadHTML save it in temp file and replace all starting forms with one what have an id or name, problem it's here, i want every form with other name or id to can extract the text and i want to use for and arrays to do the job for example for first form to have id/name "1" secound "2" some like $x=1+1 and to replace the old form with "<form action='/page.html' method='post' name='" $x "' class='message'>"

my problem it's that i don't know how to use for function to set it up to do this,honest i'm little old in autoit but i never used for funcion, i avoid it and now it seems i must use it and i don't have any clue how to do it...

can anybody help me with this with an example or something where i can inspire myself please?

thank you very very much

Regards, Emanuel

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