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I'm new to autoit and I try to make a tooltip menu that will open up on the fist key press (INS) and will close on second time.

I also need help on making the menu show me the current status of some vers.

here are some scrip codes:

$offon = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Offline", 85, 10)    -     the status of the trainer

GUICtrlCreateLabel("Dashing BF", 8, 60)
$checkDFBF = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("", 95, 60, 15, 15, $BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON)        -    the status of $checkDFBF
GUICtrlSetState($checkDFBF, $GUI_DISABLE)

those codes are from the GUI, but i want the tooltip manu to show the var info, example:

tooltip with this text "Trainer Status " and then the $offon lable ("offline/online" depending on trainer status)

thanks a head.

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