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Scriptn3r v1.0.0.1 | Don't flood your desktop with au3 templates!

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A lot of new functions are comming, I have just no time yet !

Description :

Scriptn3r is a simple tool to avoid creating au3 templates so much you can't see anything !

Functions :

-Save clipboard to a new au3 template and open it in SciTE

-Run the last au3 template saved with AutoIt3

-Edit the last au3 template saved in SciTE

-Close any Autoit3 process

-Open the au3 templates directory

-Get list of au3 templates saved

> Edit, Run, Rename or delete each of them

Screenshot :

Posted Image

Note :

For the moment the image as only one function but i will maybe add a menu on it :mellow:

Credits are in the about window !

Attachments :

Scriptn3r Source : Click here

Scriptn3r Executable : Click here

Enjoy ! Posted Image

Edited by FireFox


OS : Win XP SP2 (32 bits) / Win 7 SP1 (64 bits) / Win 8 (64 bits) | Autoit version: latest stable / beta.
Hardware : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10Ghz / 8 GiB RAM DDR3.

My UDFs : Skype UDF | TrayIconEx UDF | GUI Panel UDF | Excel XML UDF | Is_Pressed_UDF

My Projects : YouTube Multi-downloader | FTP Easy-UP | Lock'n | WinKill | AVICapture | Skype TM | Tap Maker | ShellNew | Scriptner | Const Replacer | FT_Pocket | Chrome theme maker

My Examples : Capture toolIP Camera | Crosshair | Draw Captured Region | Picture Screensaver | Jscreenfix | Drivetemp | Picture viewer

My Snippets : Basic TCP | Systray_GetIconIndex | Intercept End task | Winpcap various | Advanced HotKeySet | Transparent Edit control


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Cool work FireFox Posted Image

73 108 111 118 101 65 117 116 111 105 116

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Thats realy usefull! I will take a closer look soon. :mellow:


A minesweeper game created in autoit, source available.


An UDF for registering functions to mouse events, made in pure autoit.

2D Hitbox Editor

A 2D hitbox editor for quick creation of 2D sphere and rectangle hitboxes.

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