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Suppress or close browser tab

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I got a program which displays its output on the screen by writing a .html file into the temp folder and then launching the default browser. As I need a Screenshot of the output, I grab the html file in an embedded IE window in my own GUI to prevent zooming issues. Works nicely.

Only flaw is the browser window being left open with the above html content.

Do you see any way to either close the freshly created browser tab immediately or, preferrably, (temporarily) suppress loading the html-file into the browser at all?

The latter would be first choice, as it would work on any system regardless of the default browser.

As an alternative, can you think of a way of getting the screenshot without affecting the default browser.

Hope you can point me to a solution. Thanks in advance!


(Closing the browser completely would of course be simple, but in case the user has alredy opened a browser with several tabs, it might be quite annoying, so i don't want to go this way.

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I'm having trouble closing tab in a browser also. I did find a hot-key that closes the last tab its "CRTL W" and it works great when I manual type it but when I put it in my code it tries and show down the whole browser for some reason not sure why. heres the code

RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c start http://www.bitgamer.com/savetheworld.php', '', @SW_HIDE)
Send ("W")

The website is private so do try and run the script but if you can give an example or closing a browser tab or even switch to a tab based on name or something.

Crtl tab will switch pages but if I use that its going to be a really messy script and if a page is already open when the script starts it will mess up the tab numbers.


*Edit Solved

Using the code


works for closing the last tab hope that helps

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Not sure if I completely understand but...

I use Irfanview and it's amazing commandline ability to write functions that do similar to what you are describing without html and browser being necessary.

Let me know if your interested.:(

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