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A question about colours in autoit!

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I made a simple autoit bot for one mmorpg..It works very well on my computer, but when i try to make it run on my roommate's, (who, by the way, has similar PC like mine, we both have XP sp3, and stuff like that..only significant thing that is different is the video card, we also have same settings like color depth, resolution, refresh rate etc.) it just doesn't work properly. Ofc i can make it work, by "measuring" the colors again on his PC..and replacing the values of the variables with the newer ones, that are suitable for my roommate's machine. And i would have to do it again for each PC. It seems to me that different video cards, give different values for the (virtually) same colors, correct?

My question is: Is there a way to overcome this effect? Is there a way for me to read off colors regardless of the video card?

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