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Couple Functions

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Richard Robertson

ProcessExists is the same as your "GetProcessIDByName".

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These examples are pretty overdone at this point... but that's beside the fact that you've made mistakes.

1) Process32First already gets the first process in the list. So by calling Process32Next in your loop you're automatically skipping the first process.

2) You should immediately exit the loop if you've found what you're looking for instead of continuing needlessly (second function).

3) Why use strcmp in one and lstrcmp in the other? FYI lstrcmp requires the strings to be NULL terminated prior to use.

4) You are using case sensitive string comparisons. You sure that's what you want?

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I don't get it, what's the point in posting these? The publicly available AutoIt source code contains ProcessWait() code and it's quite trivial to modify the existing ProcessExists() code to return the found PID.

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