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Help with reading info from a website..

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Hey there,

I plan to start a new project learning project. I'm coming to the end of completing my basic but proud-to-have-made mini program that lets you write to a.. *drum roll* .ini file!

I'm looking to make a rather pointless program just for the learning experience. I want to be able to read information from this site.

I'd like to know what kind of commands I'd need to use and what/how to try to read. I need a starting point basically and I don't have one.

The goal is to have a GUI displaying online/offline status with the correct server names. Thats the start. The end goal is to have pretty much all functionality/information that that webpage can give in a app version (though I don't want to end up with a app thats a browser window that just shows the webpage inside of it). Yes yes, I could just visit the webpage which would make it a lot simpler for me!.. But I'm just interested in a small challenge for myself that'll teach me something hopefully. I'd also like to be able to switch between locale and US/Europe/Asia eventually.

Thanks for any input!

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