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How to set SysDateTimePick321

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I'm relatively new in programming with autoIT. Try to automate the usage of a given program written in C++.

There's a calendar in it where the autoit Info Tool says the class is SysDateTimePick321. I have to change the year.

Im able to get the Date that was set from the program but I can't manipulate it.

What I was trying is the following:

$hdate = ControlGetHandle($pHWnd, "", "[CLASS:SysDateTimePick32; ID:1190]")
$vDate = ControlGetText($pHWnd, "", $hdate)
$vNewDate = StringReplace($vDate, "2010", "2011")
ControlSetText($pHWnd, "", $hdate, $vNewDate, 1)

$vDate is something like: "Mi 03.03.2010 12:32"

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I don't think this is possible without MouseClick and Send.

You could reset the system time to 2011 and then open the given program written in C++.

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Thanks, but Setting the Systemtime didn't work.

But I found a solution:

ControlClick($pHWnd, "", "[CLASS:SysDateTimePick32; ID:1190]")
ControlSend($pHWnd, "", "[CLASS:SysDateTimePick32; ID:1190]", @YEAR + 1)

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