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AutoIt Uber Beta [v3.0.78]

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I've made a fundamental change to how variants work based on some observations made on the yahoo list. There are now just two types of variant:

- Number (stored internally as upto 15digits - C Double Type)

- Strings

The code:

$var = 6 / 5
msgbox(0, "", $var)

now prints "1.2" rather than "1" (before you had to do 6.0 / 5.0 to make it work).

This is a major change and I had to hack many many files - THERE WILL BE BUGS so do not use this version at all unless you are just wanting to test and report bugs to help me. I've not put the download in the usual place for this reason.

Those who were worried about this causing a performance penalty: I made some other changes at the same time :whistle: and working with variants/numbers is now twice as fast.

For those testing: this affects everything, coversions, comparisions, if statements, logical operators, everything so run all your scripts and let me know what breaks. B)

No installation program given, just AutoIt3.exe.

3.0.78 - ULTRA BETA - Only for those who laugh at danger

- Changed: Variants work differently - no longer a seperate INTEGER type

All numbers now 15digit precision (internal C double type)

Also affects Random() you will get floating point numbers back unless you use Int()

with the result

- Changed: Float() changed to Number()

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