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I am encrypting this


with the password q

and i get this


the problem is that the encrypted text is 124 characters long.

this is too long for my purposes.

I dont really need that much security I just need the text unreadable.

is there a way to encrypt the text which does not produce such a large result?

Valik Note Added 19 October 2006 - 08:38 AMAdded to warn level I just plain don't like you.

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this reduces it to 62 characters and makes it, on my point of view, unreadable:

#Include <String.au3>

$string = "TEST/lalalala/helloworld/zebras"
$unread = _StringToHex ($string)
Msgbox (0,"", $unread & @CRLF & _HexToString ($unread) & @CRLF & Stringlen ($unread))



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