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set a control as always on top

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i have a small gui that displays an embedded ie object (the site shows a webcam)

i am trying to trim off the top heading of the website so ive set the coordinates like this

$IEGUI = GUICtrlCreateObj($IE, -13, -18, 370, 285)

i am trying to set a combobox,checkbox and button at the very top of the gui so i have problems with the site overlapping the controls...

here's what ive tried - but it doesnt work too well

_IENavigate($IE, $URL, 0)


    GUICtrlSetState($always_on_top_checkbox, $gui_focus)
    GUICtrlSetState($set_default_btn, $gui_focus)
    GUICtrlSetState($URL_combo, $gui_focus)

ive also tried controlfocus, heck ive even tried guictrlsendmsg to see if i can bring it up on top

the controls show up if i pass my mouse cursor over them

any ideas?

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