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ftpex & cache - how to force reload

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hi all..

trying to write an automated backup script using 7zip.au3 & ftpex.au3 - turned out to be far more difficult than i imagined - my most recent problem is thus:

FtpListToArray always seems to read from the cache, even if I include the $INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD flag, which apparently is supposed to force a reload from the origin server but it doesnt seem to be working.. I've logged on to the server with filezilla, deleted a bunch of files, but my script is still reading them through ftplisttoarray

this is the line I'm using:

$rlf_list = _FTP_ListToArray($f_conn, 1, $INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD)

another thing I tried is the $INTERNET_FLAG_RESYNCHRONIZE flag - but that doesn't make any difference

The autoit help file is a bit sketchy on the details in this regard.. ftpfindfirstfile on MSDN gives a more eloquent description of the available flags.

So I'm a little stumped...

any ideas on why my script is still reading from the cache?

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