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[solved] ftpex : ftplisttoarray - force reload

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Hi all, and thanks in advance

I'm using 7zip.au3 and ftpex.au3 to write an automated off-site backup script - its more complicated than I first imagined,

my latest problem is how to get ftplisttoarray to read from the ftpserver rather than the cache.

I realise you can use a reload flag with the function like thus:


but it doesnt seem to effect the function's behaviour, I've deleted a bunch of files from the server (using filezilla) but my script still lists them with ftplisttoarray.

The autoit documentation is a little sketchy on ftpex.au3 - but the MSDN library gives a full run-down of the available flags.

I also tried the other flag INTERNET_FLAG_RESYNCHRONIZE (the documentation on each is a bit ambiguous to a n00b) but to no avail - no change in behaviour.

so im a little stumped - anyone have any thoughts?

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heheh.. how embarassing - realised my script was accessing a different folder on the ftp server - so i hadnt actually deleted the files that ftplisttoarray was returning.

all sorted

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