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Kaspersky and AutoIT

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I've made a script to send some keys to a directx application.

It allways worked fine, but at 2 hours ago, my kaspersky deleted my compiled files and says that they contain a trojan.


Is it possible to resolve that? (without change of antivirus, hehe)

(i was reading a little in them forum, and i found some posts where they said that kaspersky blocks this because

some people uses autoit scriptring to make virus!!! lol........... So why dont they ban Windows too? or microsoft develpment tools like VB, C, etc ???? many people uses them to make virus, and to deliver them!!!!)

Sorry for my frustration!

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In my antivirus you can choose to allow or block permenantly or for the session, so on my AutoIt scripts I just permenantly allow. Havent had a problem ever. You may be able to restore the deleted files (I know I can).

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