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Help with .au3 StealthSurf installer

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Help with StealthSurf X-treme


Stompsoft StealthSurf X-treme is a REAL anonymous web surfing

It's one of the 2 programs (with Tenebril Ghost Surf 2005) I know of that will hide your IP even on https, because they route through their private proxies. The other programs, like Steganos can't do it.

Trial Download

Here my .au3 installer

Run("StealthSurfTrial.exe /QB")
WinWaitActive("StompSoft StealthSurf X-treme Trial")
/QB is for silent install.

At the end of the install i get a YEs/No Restart screen (see attached) I can't get rid of it

Here bellow my AutoIt Window Info

Title:  StompSoft StealthSurf X-treme Trial
Class:  #32770
Size:   X: 226  Y: 404  W: 314  H: 144

>>>>>>>>>>> Mouse Details <<<<<<<<<<<
Screen: X: 956  Y: 189
Cursor ID:  2

>>>>>>>>>>> Pixel Color Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<
RGB:    Hex: 0xD8E8FF   Dec: 14215423

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<
Control ID:

>>>>>>>>>>> Visible Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<
You must restart your system for the configuration changes made to StompSoft StealthSurf X-treme Trial to take effect. Click Yes to restart now or No if you plan to restart manually later.

I tried also the ControlClick command instead of Send command with no luck:

ControlClick("StompSoft StealthSurf X-treme Trial", "", "3002")

Here bellow the AutoIt Window Info for the NO button

Control ID: 3002
ClassNameNN: Button2
Text: &No

Would appreciate any help anyone could give.



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WinWaitActive("StompSoft StealthSurf X-treme Trial", "You must restart your system")

I think that you require the extra text so that the code executes on the desired window. (Both the windows in your screenshot have the same title)

----[ SandyD ]---
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