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Faster Mouse click Execution

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Ok I have already started a thread about faster typing execution and I thought it best to start another thread for mouse speed. I have written a script of a series of mouse clicks

but it goes very slowly... here is a portion of it,

MouseClick("left", 575, 587, 1)

MouseClick("left", 573, 644, 1)


MouseClick("left", 440, 523, 1)

MouseClick("left", 542, 523, 1)

MouseClick("left", 658, 523, 1)

MouseClick("left", 679, 557, 1)


I was wondering if there is a different mouse click script that doesnt show the animation of the mouse or just does it must faster ( ideally ) ... thanks in advance.

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Yes, when I set it to 0, the mouse does nothing.


I have some scripts that work okay with the 0 setting, but others I opt'd to slow to 1 or 2. I had to give the app time to respond to the first click before moving and clicking in another place. In both of these cases, clicking was the only option since these are non-standard windows, ControlClick would not work on them, perhaps ControlClick will work for your needs - see also ControlFocus in the manual.

Setting the speed to 0 did not display the pointer - it moved "instantly" as documented. I'm not sure why your mouse is not moving.


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Zero is not in the range of 1 to 100  :(


To whom are you whispering - the authors of the manual?

I took the manual literally (and have no problem with the wording):

[optional] the speed to move the mouse in the range 1 (fastest) to 100 (slowest).

....what this means to me:

1 to 100 moves the mouse - as in you might be able to see the pointer move


A speed of 0 will move the mouse instantly.

....what this means to me:

0 will not move (repaint) the pointer*, but will still cause the click to occur as desired - the success of multiple clicks in rapid succession may be limited by the application's ability to handle such..........

*However, the pointer will repaint to the last position requested by the script if there is time between moves/clicks caused by other lines of code or if the script has exited.

Makes sense to me? Have I been interpreting it wrong all this time? Is that not what the manual means?


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