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Need help: _GUICtrlListBox_GetText not work correctly

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I am using AutoIt to retrieve the text of a listbox control (contains a list of text items) in a 3rd party app. I've been able to get both the main window handle and the handle of the listbox, and I can also use ControlSend to select items in the listbox. However, calling the _GUICtrlListBox_GetText (from <GuiListBox.au3>) failed to get the text from the listbox, eg, in the following code:

Local $ret = WinExists($test_win_title, $test_win_text)

PrintLine("win exist: $ret$")

$ret = WinActivate($test_win_title, $test_win_text)

PrintLine("activate: $ret$")

WinWaitActive($test_win_title, $test_win_text, 1)

Local $listview_id = "[CLASS:ListBox; INSTANCE:1]"

Local $hwin = WinGetHandle($test_win_title, $test_win_text)

PrintLine("hwin handle: $hwin$")

Local $hlist = ControlGetHandle($hwin, "", $listview_id)

PrintLine("hlist handle: $hlist$")

Local $count = _GUICtrlListBox_GetCount($hlist)

PrintLine("count: $count$")

ConsoleWrite("first line:"&_GUICtrlListBox_GetText($hlist, 0)&@CRLF)

ConsoleWrite("2nd line:"&_GUICtrlListBox_GetText($hlist, 1)&@CRLF)

Func PrintLine($txt)



Running the above, I get:

win exist: 1

activate: 0x02230466

hwin handle: 0x02230466

hlist handle: 0x01CB04EA

count: 8

first line:??

2nd line:??4??

Here the handles seem to be valid and the item count is also correct, but the return texts are garbage strings - they should be printable ASCII text.

Do I miss something in the above? How to fix the problem? Thanks a lot for help!

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_GUICtrlListBox_GetText Wont work with 3rd party applications, this is for a GUI create with Autoit.

If you wish to interact with 3rd party programs you can use something like ControlGetText or ControlCommand is probably what your looking for.

Check the helpfile click "Index" and just type "Control", should list a whole load of available functions.



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