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Video Capture Card, webcam capturing not working

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I have tried several "Webcam capture" applications, but have not had any luck with getting my image capturing device to work with them.

infact all of them give my system a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)

I can get these applications working with my logitech webcam, but using the "USV 2861 Device", it just BSODs no matter what i try.

have tried the following with the same results:

4 Webcams Program

Webcam example

and several others, all with the same results.

the capture device works as expected in "Cyberlink PowerDirector 6" (cam free with the device). but i really would like to get this working with a capture card, as i often work with CCTV cameras.

what i eventually want to create is an application that can capture the CCTV cameras, with options to control PTZ's and other features (like capture and email, capture and upload) ... and anything else i need in the future.

can anyone recomend a capture card (USB only) that works with these applications ???

or better, help me get what i have working ...

thanks in advance

P.S. I will (of course) publish the final application for use by others ...

ask a silly question and remain a fool for 5 minutes...don't ask, and remain a fool for life__JD - YTS | VNC2Me - Secure remote Desktop Support Solutions

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