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Hello All,

A Newbie here for the first time, been playing around with this great software for the last couple of days and I have a question.

Am I correct in assuming that an event defined on the primary parent gui will not fire if control is passed to a function that doesnt return.

I have a simple gui with 4 buttons that I want to use to fire off 4 separate functions, these functions are self contained and dont terminate unless a condition is met, one of the conditions was going to be the pressing of a 5th "stop" button on the main gui, but when I press the button, nothing happens.

I have Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) set and the stop button works (tested with a msgbox) if I havent pressed one of the function start buttons.

If this is correct, is it working as intended or a bug and if the latter is there any time frame for repair?.

Many thanks


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