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Simple question - need to click a "select" button ...

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Need to click the select button which then selects the highlighted entries in a listbox on the left and moves them over the listbox on the right.

This button doesn't have a name or an ID, so how do I zone in on it to click it?

It does have a value of "select>>" but I dont know how to single out this button by using it's value...

Here is the element I need to zone in on and click:

<[b]input class="slctbtn"[/b] style="width: 85px; cursor: hand;" onclick="AddSelect( document.form1.elements, 'slct0', 'slct1[]' )" type="button" [b]value="select>>"[/b]/>

I've zoned in on the Frame, then the Form (form1) then normally I would zone in on this single button using it's name or ID but there is none.

I'm sure there is an easy way to do this but I'm a dumb newb still.




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