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Autoit V3 Beta [v3.0.94]

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Release date is sometime over the weekend of 28th Feb, 2004.

3.0.94 (21st Feb, 2004)

SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGES for FileReadLine and FileWriteLine:

FileWriteLine now automatically writes a DOS @CRLF pair UNLESS the last character of

the string to write is already @CR or @LF (to make it possible to write non-DOS text files)

FileReadLine will correctly read a DOS, UNIX or MAC line (@CRLF, @LF and @CR terminated respectively).

FileWrite and FileRead added to add further support.


From: FileWriteLine($handle, "line" & @LF)

To: FileWriteLine($handle, "line" & @CRLF) or FileWriteLine($handle, "line")

From: FileWriteLine($handle, "line")

To: FileWrite($handle, "line")

- Added: FileWrite() and FileRead()

- Changed: FileReadLine() and FileWriteLine()

- Added: ToolTip()

- Added: Eval() and IsDeclared()

- Added: CaretCoordMode (AutoItSetOption)

- Added: WinGetCaretPos()

- Added: WinGetState()

- Added: MustDeclareVars (AutoItSetOption)

- Added: Editors page in help

- Changed: EnvSet()

- Changed: WinShow() renamed to WinSetState() (With WinShow() as an alias)

- Fixed: Splash() and moveable flag (and -1 default flag in options)

- Fixed: Odd elseif error message showing wrong line

- Fixed: Crashes with bad function calls: MsgBox(MsgBox(MsgBox))

- Fixed: HotKey crashes when unregistering a key that was not registered

- Fixed: (Internal) WinWaitDelay, SendKeyDelay, etc type commands now more accurate (previously only accurate to 10ms (NT) or 55ms (9x))

- Fixed: (Internal) Execute() recursion limit dropped to 384 levels

- FIxed: (Internal) Calls to Util_AttachThreadInput will not attach to hung windows

- Fixed: (Internal) some RegRead/RegWrite sizing problems (Ta, Chris)

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