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convert csv (txt) to excel

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Sorry! i understand it now. (no need to respond to this topic!)

Hello Y'all,

I am looking for an example which will help me in converting comma seporated files (txt) to excel. It is easy to do this (by hand) when importing a text file into excel. (you get a dialog which helps you converting the file). But i need to do this often so i am going to make a script for it.

The content of my files look like this:

yes, no, Jim, jim@school.nl, test, data

yes, no, Hank, Hank@left.com, test, data

yes, yes, John, john@yahoo.com, test, data

etc.. (ex. of a filename: 123456.txt)

Can you give a an example? (or kick me in the right direction ?)

ps: i am reading http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=111682&st=0&p=783316&hl=excel&fromsearch=1&#entry783316 right now, but my brain isn't making much sense of it.

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