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Reading buffer fill on dll

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I need to read a buffer that is fill when I call a dll. This is the code:

$buff = DllStructCreate("char[260]")

$Data = DllStructCreate("ptr pchar;uint bufsize")

$handle = DllCall("buffer.dll","int","FillBuffer","ptr",DllStructGetPtr($Data))

The question is that I don't known how read the buffer.

I tried with:

$Buff1 = DllStructGetData($Data,1)

But when I see it on a msgbox I see only an hexadecimal number (a memory position I guess).

Anyone can help me?

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What is mean to in there? As far as I can tell $Data is a struct full of pointers. Do you want to use "$buff" anywhere?

What is "FillBuffer" mean to do?

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You get pointer to some string.

Try this:

$tData = DllStructCreate("ptr pchar;uint bufsize")

DllCall("buffer.dll", "int", "FillBuffer", "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($Data))

$tBuff = DllStructGetData($Data, "pchar")
$tSize = DllStructGetData($tData, "bufsize")

$tString = DllStructCreate("char[" & DllStructGetData($tSize) & "]", DllStructGetPtr($tBuff))
$sString = DllStructGetData($tString, 1)

If bufsize member doesn't include null terminator you can add +1 when sizing string buffer to make the string null-terminated (that's important sometimes)




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