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A Challange and invitation too all

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hi all, Wow check out the new digs very nice. It's been a couple months since i've been back and i must say very nice.....

Okay back to business. Alright, This one is for all the graphic artists out there. I have an idea for a new program to aide artists in there graphic design efforts. You may have used an amazing program called ArtRage.... Very nice, I especially like the rotate canvas feature, very useful. Now i was thinking why not do that with all my graphic programs out there. mspaint,illustrator,photoshop etc. Well I know no one at adobe or Microsoft. So i have taken it upon myself to start the ball rolling.... I contacted the makers of Artrage (Ambient Design) Very nice people, anyways they said it was a bit out of their league. But thought it was a great idea. And that was two days ago. So i've been sitting around thinking about it all day.... And i've been trying to think of where to go next. I've been googleing all sorts of things and then it hit me. Who do i know that thinks outside the box.... AUTOIT! The forums have been awesome and i've met people from all walks everyone of whom are techies and perhaps some are artists too. So here it is!

I would like to start a discussion with everyone on the forum on how this could be done.

First the goal:

(If you have not used artrage you can download it from their site. www.artrage.com or google it.)

Here is the outline of the program and it's features.

a program that gives you the ability to rotate windows, while allowing the user to still interact with the targeted window and does not stop or slow down the targeted window or application. Other tools like Rulers, stencils, gesture macros etc.

Here are my thoughts.

This can totally be done. One way i can see it working is. You know those magnifier programs on the market. Zoomit or something? well they take the desktop and view it in a camera view so a targeted area of the desktop is magnified. So we do the same thing but for a targeted window only or area, and then instead of magnifying it we would have the rotate ability of the captured screen area, all in real time. The captured area could be in another window and or UI like full screen or something, Where we could apply the gestures, rotations etc. another thing is any mouse or tablet input would need to be remapped so when we start to draw while the screen is rotated the new gestures are applied to the target application and make sense. This approach would make it so we don't care what application we are trying to rotate.

Well What do you guys think? Any technical jib jab is welcome.

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