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Plugin Execution Context

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I've been playing around with the AutoIt Plugin SDK and this question kept rising: how do I access the current AutoIt execution context from within a plugin function? Particularly, can we read/write script variables in the current or global scope or call AutoIt built-in functions?

If the answer is no, then it would be a nice-to-have feature, wouldn't it? Honestly, what real advantage otherwise has a plugin call over a DllCall? Only simpler syntax... comparing to a COM object call not even that...

One can think of an additional parameter for plugin functions like AU3_CONTEXT* and a lib with exports like AU3_ReadVariable(const char* szVarName, AU3_PLUGIN_VAR* pOut, const AU3_CONTEXT* pContext), AU3_WriteVariable(const char* szVarName, const AU3_PLUGIN_VAR* pVal, const AU3_CONTEXT* pContext).

Wonder, what would the devs say?

UDFS & Apps:

DDEML.au3 - DDE Client + Server[*]
Localization.au3- localize your scripts[*]
TLI.au3 - type information on COM objects (TLBINF emulation)[*]
TLBAutoEnum.au3 - auto-import of COM constants (enums)[*]
AU3Automation - export AU3 scripts via COM interfaces

- OleView was yesterday

Coder's last words before final release: WE APOLOGIZE FOR INCONVENIENCE 

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