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Autoit IPC Array

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I have been working at this just about all day now and have searched around many times but have thus far been unable to find an answer.

I am trying to implement IPC (Inter-Process Communication) in a way that lets a two-dimensional array being maintained/updated by one script (Script A) is available for a second script (Script :( to read values from. I have searched around and seen implementations of IPC for Autoit such as MailSlot, mmap, and SQLite, but so far all of these seem overly complicated -- though I could be wrong there.

Anyone have advice concerning the best way to go about this? I would even be happy to just have a memory address for the Script A's array and the structure of the array in memory so that I could use NomadMemory to read the values that way.


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Here you have several options. You can write to the registry, you can use "comau3.au3"(search it), you can constantly write to a file, you can network them together with event driven TCP or UDP and have them send data back and fourth via network requests. Also you might wanna search "global variables" as I believe there is a way to declare your own global(system wide) variables.

When I need two scripts to communicate i use comau3 or local networking.

like this

ScriptB ---(request for $array)---> ScriptA

ScriptA -> Processes array into a string with seperators("|") ---(sends $array in string format)--->ScriptB

ScriptB -> (re-assembles Array)


ScriptB ---(request for $array[1])---> ScriptA

ScriptA -> ---(sends $array[1] as a string)--->ScriptB

ScriptB -> (receives $array[1]'s data)

Hope this helps.


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