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Au3gui Question - Radio Buttons

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This script loads the GUI with neither radio button checked - If I select the first button, can I then uncheck it using ControlCommand - this script does not work ???

Note - it uses Larry's AU3GUI_sure.au3



AU3GUI("1|type|radio|text|Choice &1|x|30|y|20|w|100|submit|1")

AU3GUI("2|type|radio|text|Choice &2|x|30|y|60|w|100|submit|1")




While WinExists("Test")


If ControlCommand ( "Test", "", "Button1", "IsChecked", "" ) =1 Then

MsgBox(4096,"","Choice 1 is checked")

MsgBox(4096, "", "press OK to Uncheck this radio button")

ControlCommand("Test", "", "Button1", "UnCheck", "")



#include "AU3GUI_sure.au3"


Edited by alawoona

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Yeah - I thought that might be the case.......but the radio buttons start out all unchecked....just wanted to get back to this state without reloading the whole gui

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