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Hey Guys, I am searhing for someone to help me. I need that the another host copy file from my host. Here is the code for completing command from my host ( I am domain admin ).

RunWait("cmd /c copy " & @TempDir & "\file.exe " & "\\" & GuiCtrlRead($ipadress) & "\C$\Windows\system32\file.exe", "", @SW_HIDE)

With that is OK.

But otherly? How? Can someone correct my code? (I always receive message: the network pass does not longer exists, access denyed and so on, but manually typing the command from cmd prompt I can make other host to copy file.exe from mine without any error messages.) Please correct me. Help...

RunWait("psexec " & "\\" & GuiCtrlRead($ipadress) & " cmd /c copy " & "\\" & @IPadress1 & "\HelpMe\Radmin\file.exe C:\windows\system32\file.exe", "", @SW_HIDE)

That must be corrected...

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