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Adding .reg files to a package (& Hi!!)


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Just found this great application and wanted to say hi to the community! I have a wee problem regarding automating removal of registry entries that I hope someone might be able to guide me in. I need to remove a bunch of registry keys plus the offending application froma few computers. The app removal I think I can deal with but merging the registry file in with the existing one I am less confident about. Could someone recommend an effective way to do this please?

Here's what I have:

DirCreate ("c:\Visionew")

If FileExists("C:\Program Files\\uninst.exe") Then

Run("C:\Program Files\Visio Veiwer\uninst.exe")




shutdown -r -t 20 -c "Rebooting computer"

Appreciate any help!

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2 other solutions that you might be interested in if you already have a .reg file for this...

ShellExecute("regedit.exe","/s SomeRegfileHere.reg",@ScriptDir)



(converts .reg files to AutoIt code)

Thanks Nerdfencer, I'll try these also!

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