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array plus certain coords

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Hi, if i brought up an array of a certain colored tab, can i say click a certain distance from it? Well i know you can, but could someone help me find where to search in help file for it please? Like for example i have:

Func PrivateMessage()
    $message = PixelSearch(700, 800, 1215, 827, 0xB61D1D, 50)
    If IsArray($message) Then
      MouseClick("Left", $message[0], $message[1], 1, 0)
      send("Leave me a message and ill get back with you")

then i want to click a certain distance from that red tab that popped up.

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Just do the math. For example, if it's 200 pixels down and 300 pixels to the left:

MouseClick("Left", $message[0] - 300, $message[1] + 200, 1, 0)


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