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Pointer to Variant

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Im trying call method of object which requires pointer to Variant variable. How to get pointer?

Im tried ptr() and create DllStruct $intTip. But cant get it working.

$oPLCSIM = ObjCreate("S7wspsmx.S7ProSim")
if $oPLCSIM =0 Then MsgBox(0,"Error","Object create error")
if $oPLCSIM.Connect() Then MsgBox(0,"Connect","Cant connect")

 local $intTip = DllStructCreate("USHORT")
  if @error Then
     MsgBox(0,"","Error in DllStructCreate " & @error);
  $b=DllStructGetData($intTip, 1)
  MsgBox(0,"Output",$<img src='http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' />

STDMETHOD(CS7ProSim::ReadOutputPoint)( long ByteIndex, 
                                       long BitIndex, 
                                       PointDataTypeConstants DataType, 
                                       VARIANT* pData) 

Reads a particular bit (Boolean), a byte (Byte), a two-byte word (Integer) or a four-byte word (Long) 
from the peripheral output image (PQ memory area). 

Represents the starting byte position in the peripheral image buffer to read. Valid 
values for ByteIndex are dependent on the CPU. 

Represents the Bit position (in bytes) in the peripheral image buffer to read. Valid 
values are 0 to 7. 

DataType  One of the PointDataTypeConstants  (3-WORD)

pData  Pointer to the data to read. Valid values for data are dependent on the data type.

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AutoIt can't handle pointers that way (it's a bug).

You need to do

Number(DllStructGetPtr($intTip) )

Another thing is you should look for ObjEvent() function. It can catch errors for you.

And learn what Variant is.




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