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Complex hyperlink clicking help

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Hi guys, new to the forum but have seen the expertise here and wanted to throw a couple things out there and see if anyone has any suggestions. I should preface this by saying this is the first time I've used scripting but I've had reasonable success so far.

Okay, I'm working on automating my interaction with a manufacturer's web site. I get past the login and on the default page there is a hyperlink on the left. It's a javascript that passes a lot of variables to another script. I tried to find by id but it won't pull it up, I'm suspecting because it considers the .aspx that comprises the menu as a frame. Here is the script at the top of the .aspx that may affect a frame:

<script LANGUAGE=javascript>

var bIsPD = "False" == "True";

function SetupHomePage()


var sH = s1.scrollHeight + 30;

var pH = parseFloat(parent.divContent.style.height);

if(pH > sH) sH = pH;

parent.divContent.style.height = parent.document.body.clientHeight-50;

//***CQ21909 - Hide scroll bar for PD.

parent.divContent.style.overflow = (!bIsPD ? "auto" : "hidden");

if (sH <562) //always retain scroll bar on homepage


parent.document.all("mFrame").style.height = sH;

parent.s1.style.height = sH;

s1.style.overflow = "hidden"

parent.document.all("frameContent").style.height = parent.divContent.scrollHeight-30;



Here is the link:

<a href="#" onclick="top.ShowApplication(this)" style="text-decoration:none;" MenuId="118" Message="" ShortName="PartInfo" URLSearch="/Parts/PartInfo/PartInfoSearch.aspx" URLSearchWidth="28.0" URLSearchHeight="13.0" URLSummary="/Parts/PartInfo/partinfolist.aspx" TBGAppId="PartsInfo" LoadType="0" TitleName="" Source="1" FunctionName="" DealerRequired="True" NotifyAppDown="" ExternalApplication="False" Title="Allows a dealer to request part availability from all part distribution centers.">Parts Information</a>

Right now I use a mouse coordinate action to click on the link but that is definitely not ideal as this script will end up going to other locations and I won't be able to see their setup.

Any suggestions are appreciated as this is only the first of about 4 hurdles I have to jump...

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