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HTTP Request failed

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i wrote sometimes ago a Google Chrome Updater in AutoIt. It works like a charm but doesnt work anymore.

I changed some code here and there but i get nothing back from the XML Request. I know that the XML Request is correct, i analyzed it with Wireshark and the original Chrome Updater included in Google Chrome.

Here is my Code so far:

#include <HTTP.au3>

_HTTPSetUserAgent("Google Update", "")
$socket = _HTTPConnect($host, $port)
$data='<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><o:gupdate xmlns:o="http://www.google.com/update2/response" protocol="2.0" version="" ismachine="0" machineid="{11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111}" userid="{11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111}" requestid="{11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111}"><o:os platform="win" version="5.1" sp="Service Pack 3"/><o:app appid="{8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96}" version="" lang="de" brand="" client="" iid="{11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111}"><o:updatecheck tag="2.0-dev"/></o:app></o:gupdate>'

_HTTPPost( $host, $page, $socket, $data )
$body = _HTTPRead( $socket, 0 )
$position = StringInStr( $body,"codebase=" )
$urltmp = StringMid( $body,$position+10,Stringlen($body)-$position-10 )
$url = StringSplit( $urltmp,'"' )

Any suggestions? When i look at $body i get a "<?" back, nothing more.

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