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Is there a way to pop up a box with a text field?

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I'm trying to pop up a box that lets the user type a string and then click 'ok'

on 'ok' it will pass that data into the script which will then manipulate it


PopUpBoxWithTextICanEnter($number, "What's your favourite number?")
$math = $number * 2
MsgBox(0, "Your number is half as good as ", $math)
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$math = InputBox("Question", "What is your favourite number?")

Looks like your found it but I just had to make one of these so here it is with your prerequisites just in case.

happy coding !!

$value = InputBox("Free Goo...", "Enter your favorite Number", "", " M2")
$j = $value*2

MsgBox(4096, "Something", "This is your Number x 2" & @crlf & $j)
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