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My tweak for _IETableWriteToArray

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I am learning Internet Automation via Autoit. Last week I needed info on all the tables on a page. I wrote this little UDF based on the help file for _IETableGetCollection. But it would crash sometimes. The problem was "empty" tables on the web page. I stole some code from the INCLUDE file and modified it to check for blanks tables. It now works OK for me. I hope this helps someone.

Jim Rumbaugh

Func _IETableReport( $oIE)
    Local $iIndex = 0
    $colTables = _IETableGetCollection($oIE)
    MsgBox(0, "Table Info", "There are " & @extended & " tables on the page")

    for $oTable In $colTables
        ;===== stolen from IE include _IETableWriteToArray, to find errors
        Local $i_cols = 0, $tds, $i_col
        Local $trs = $oTable.rows
        For $tr In $trs
            $tds = $tr.cells
            $i_col = 0
            For $td In $tds
                $i_col = $i_col + $td.colSpan
            If $i_col > $i_cols Then $i_cols = $i_col
        Local $i_rows = $trs.length
        If $i_cols = 0 Or $i_cols = 0 Then
            MsgBox(1, "Failure to make good array from table", "Column count=" & $i_cols & "  Row count =" & $i_cols )
                ;======== end of , find array problems
            $aTableData = _IETableWriteToArray($oTable)
            _ArrayDisplay($aTableData, "Table #" & $iIndex)
            $iIndex += 1

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I guess this needs moving to Example Scripts - its a useful mod i guess :(

They call me MrRegExpMan

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