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Is there a way I can change the context menu function so that it appears for a left click and not a right click?

Or is there a way I can make a menu appear anywhere on the screen with GUICtrlCreateMenu

I'm trying to get something like what WMP 10 has.

Posted Image

When you left click the control in the red rectangle the menu appears.

Edit: I sort of made a simple work around. If $msg = "control" then MouseClick("Right") easy. But the menu appears relative to the mouse co-ordinates and is almost certain to me in a different place each time. But as with the WMP 10 example above. The menu appears in the same place each time.

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I'm tried to make context menu appear anywhere but with not luck. You can try to play with this.

Seems to work but, the menu acts the same as a message box. As in it pauses the script until you have clicked else where and the menu has disappeared. Is this normal?

Seems it's normal, at least in this Autoit implementation.

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I was poking around MSDN and found out that pressing Shift + F10 displays the shortcut menu. Try it on your desktop and each time you do it it always appears in the top left corner. Did any one else know this? or can it help in some way.


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