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playing with send() and keyboard :-)

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Playing with multi-languages computers.

Here we see often different keyboard - language install on the same computer.

Mine is, english windoze with many english and french applications, of course I also need at least 2 keyboards installed, English (United State) and Canadian Multiligual Standard.

Simple script

WinWaitActive("Untitled - Notepad")

will put in notepad http://www.google.ca/

if default keyboard and current keyboard choice for this application are the same.

Here English US default and EnUs for the application.

But lets say I need accents characters in notepad ... so default keyboard still En US, application Keyboard Canadian Multilingual.

now notepad got http:ééwww.google.caé


Of course this not a bug it's different keyboard mapping, but can be a confusing bug if u ask all your network users to run your script :

Well then ... nothing :">

Someone will have to write interface to set default and application keyboard choice :(

Anybody ?


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