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Security and Printing

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Okay, so here's the issue. My work lapto, in which I must fill out monthly forms, print them, and mail them to my HQ branch (yes, I know they should use email, but they don't, and they are hard ass about security) [MBNA for those who know] Any how the crux of the issue is that because of the 'increased security percautions' on my notebook I am unable to install any printers. (MBNA's tech department was unable to fix and even my manager knows about the issue, but is unable to find a solution.) I have seen autoit bypass system security before (As in filewrite to locked locations locally (Like if the C:\ is disabled for non-admin access AutoIT can still filewrite files into it.) Is there any way to auto-feed data to the printer or install the drivers w/ autoit?

:: Note ::

I am fluent in Autoit short of DllCall and the use of libraries.


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