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Getting and Searching for Text

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I need something to look quickly for a sentence like "This sentence has * characters." in an html file read by IExplorer v6. Just something to look for the text not calculate it or anything. Then copy it to the clipboard.

Maybe "ClipPut(CurrentSelection)" but it says its not a function and i cant get it to select what I want, MouseClick or MouseClickDrag is bad because the sentence may move aound.

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You could maybe use ControlGetText () on your current web browser, IE or Mozilla Firefox I'm guessing, to retrieve the text in address bar. Ofcourse you can type what ever you want in there and it will only go to the page if you hit enter or go or w/e. Which means that you might have the slight chance that the page you use InetGet() on might not be the current page you are viewing.

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COM is in the beta features of AutoIt. You would have to download the beta version.

If the page dynamically updates then all you have to do is call the INetGet() every so often in a loop until you tell it to stop. Something like that.


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