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Dynamic scrollbar troubles...


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I have an application I'm working on which will have controls dynamically added and deleted as specified by the user. I need to be able to adjust the window scrolling to match the changing layout of the controls.

I've put together a test script, ScrollBars.au3, based on help & forum examples to try to understand how the scrollbars are managed, but I'm still having difficulty. In this script there is a child window which needs a vertical scroll bar. In the parent window, there is a button which adds a new label to the child window. When the labels are created below the bottom of the window, the scrollbar should be adjusted to allow the user to scroll the child window down just far enough to display all the labels. This version of the script is the closest I've gotten to that behavior. However, it still doesn't work. The transition from not needing the scrollbar to needing the scrollbar isn't smooth, the adjustment to the scrollbar max setting doesn't keep up with the location of the controls, and there are problems with making any changes (resizing or adding labels) when the scrollbar isn't at the top.


I know I don't really understand the way the scrollbars are intended to work, and I'm having trouble finding the information I need.

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