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Disable Sound

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#1 ·  Posted (edited)

I have a script that disables the desktop/taskbar

opt('WinTitleMatchMode', 4)

WinSetState('classname=Shell_TrayWnd', '', @SW_DISABLE);Disabling Taskbar/Tray
WinSetState('classname=Progman', '', @SW_DISABLE);Disabling Desktop

But when I click the desktop while it's locked, it makes that "bing" sound...-,-

Is there any way to have that sound automatically disabled?

Also, if the mouse were disabled, would it still make the sound if I tried to click?

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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

Could use.

SoundSetWaveVolume (0)

Edit: Actaully instead of just setting the volume to zero no matter what you could use.

While 1
   $msg = GUIGetMsg()
      SoundSetWaveVolume (0)
      SoundSetWaveVolume (100)

I'm not sure if it would turn the sound down before the sound is played or not.

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