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Alt-PrintScreen in Autoit vs Python or C++

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I wrote an Autoit program to collect images of a pile of windows (about 70 windows) using the window handle to activate each window and alt printScreen to copy an image of the window to the clipboard, and then I paste each image in an Excel worksheet for storage. The program is set to run every 5 minutes as a scheduled task. It works, but it copies window images at a rate of less than 2 images per second. These images are important enough to collect that I’m thinking about learning how to write this program in a different language to get better speed, and if possible, copy the images without taking the focus so that I can do other work on the computer without being interrupted every 5 minutes. But I know very little about programming, (Just VBA and Autoit, and started about 5 months ago) and before taking on something like C++ or Python, I’d like to know if those languages can do what I want, so here are my two questions:

Would a similar program in C++ or Python, copy paste window images at a much much faster rate, such as about 5 to 10 images per second?

Can a C++ or Python program be written that takes an image of a window and sends that image to some file or area for storage without taking the “focus” (hope I’m using that word right), so that the program doesn’t interrupt my other activity on the computer?

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