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Hi, I am a newbie to AutoIT and I can't figure this out on my own. I have some software to push out to my users. There are as many as 3 different versions of this app floating around. Because a couple of the versions are very old, the uninstall and install steps are different from the newest version. I want to be able to put in my script something like this: If app is version 1.11, then [use the appropriate uninstall/install procedures], if app is version 2.2, then [use appropriate uninstall/install procedure]. I know there is a FileGetVersion command but I don't know if that's the one I want to use. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

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As a development step for your final script, write one that just polls all the target machines and reports the FileGetVersion() value from the primary .exe of the application. That will tell you what you're dealing with, and going from that to the conditional uninstall will be a snap.


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