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Warcraft 3 Full Screen Pixel searching help

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So I have a script and I am trying to get it to use th pixel serach command in game and here is what I am using for it

$search1 = PixelSearch(900, 192,1257, 306,0x000039,)
If IsArray($search1) = True Then
    MouseClick("Left",1068, 354)

But that wasn't working so I tried this:

$search1 = PixelSearch(900, 192,1257, 306,0x000039,"0","1",WinGetHandle("Warcraft III"))
If IsArray($search1) = True Then
    MouseClick("Left",1068, 354)

But still it didn't work so I decided to try using it in WC3 Windowed mode and but of course the first code worked for it and did what I wanted it to but when I try and use the command for Full Screen WC3 which is what I want this to be used in it won't work.

So does anyone know how you can use the Pixel Search command for full screen WC3?

I really badly need to know

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