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InetGet not saving file properly in WinME

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I have no problems with this in WinXP, but I do on WinME.

I'm using InetGet to download an INI file to read from. I'm saving it to the temp dir. On WinME, it can't read the file properly. I opened the file in notepad and instead of normal line breaks, it shows the control character blocks.



Line 1

Line 2

Line 3



It shows two control character blocks for each line. I'm assuming the first one represents \r and the second one is \n.

Any ideas on how I can fix this without coding a function to split the line on the control character blocks and inserting a @LF?

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it might be:


Normally you only need one of the characters, linefeed or charagereturn. Windows prefers to have both.

a simple conversion script:

$file=filereplace($file,@crlf,@lf); if it already has the right returns
$file=filereplace($file,@cr,@lf); incase they used only @cr
$file=filereplace($file,@lf,@crlf); change all line feeds to @crlf
; save the file how you like (as backup, overwrite, or?)
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Thanks for the response. I see how that would work. I ended up running unix2dos on the server to add the extra linefeeds in so that Win9x could read it. It works now :(

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