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Run PERL script from autoit

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I have my perl script (c:\automation\script.pl) that I have to call from Autoit script. I have tried the below script but did not work. I have tried...

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'c:\automation\script.pl', "", @SW_SHOW)

Can somebody help me how to call the above perl script (script.pl) from autoit? Please!!!!


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Do you have ActiveState Perl Interpreter on your computer?

If you have an older version on your computer you can upgrade it from official site (activestate.com)


this works for me(If you hear beep sound this means execution was successfull.

Perl script for test

print "TEST\a\r\n";

Right execution of your script in that case will:

Run("cmd.exe /c " & @HomeDrive&"\automation\script.pl",@ScriptDir,@SW_HIDE)
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If you have PERL properly installed, you may also try using the ShellExecute() function, as it will allow you to run the script with its associated program (or any program for which the file type has an associated action (e.g. Edit, Run, Debug, etc.)

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